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Lots of people need to call friend or family in Cuba.
Call Cuba Voip
Current pricing schemes by the Cuban operator are extremely high. That makes Cuba one of the most expensive countries on earth to call from about anywhere.

Based in Europe we have found a set of companies offering worldwide VOIP services. They in fact all use the same system and have ties to the same group. This website was set up to provide you with a comparison of the prices. Note that which company you select can be influenced by the free calls they offer to other countries than Cuba.

The Companies are listed in increasing cost for prices in Eurocent and US Dollar before Value Added tax (sales tax). Sales taxes may apply for your country, please visit the sites of the VOIP suppliers.

Note that calls between two users of these companies are free. We have not been able to investigate in Cuba whether and to which VOIP providers listed Cuba allows access.

We are neither agents nor employees of any of these companies and don't take any responsibility for their services.


Calling Cuba VOIP.

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