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Links to Cuba sites.


We offer you some links to other sites on Cuba.
These sites appeal to us for their underlying motive or content.
We hope you enjoy them as well.
A non commercial portal offering links to over 700 websites that offer links to one or more casa particular in Cuba. No online reservations at the site, just click through to the underlying sites.

The webmaster creates free websites for owners of casas in Cuba
Ok, we like Santiago. Who wouldn't.
An honest and very complete attempt to inform people that go to Santiago.
Info on hotels, casas, restaurants, paladeres, and museums. A great effort for a great city.
Set up by a group of Cuban artists and European art lovers the site allows you to get in contact and visit Cuban artists in their studios in Havana.
Their stated aim is to eliminate the middle man and ensure that the artists get the most from the sale of their art works
Hard hitting and probably not liked by all.
Strong pro human rights stance with and not pulling punches.
On our list because of the large collection of RSS links including to lots of official Cuban media.


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